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tv   ABC15 News at 5PM  ABC  November 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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opening up at 6:00 is target. there folks are also looking at electronics and video games. we saw a lady who brought her own table. lots of people in chairs. many men in line holding spots for their wives. a lot of people trading, splitting up their thanksgiving holiday this time. they do turkey tomorrow and shopping today. >> oh yeah me and my wife. i've been sitting here. she's at home right now. >> you've got the essentials to keep yourself busy. entertainment, reading material, card games. just kind of to pass the sometime. >> -- the time. >> and you can see the employees who are just arriving. they're excited about this night. they work for weeks getting it all ready for the shoppers so everything goes off without a hitch. a lot of the stores opening up. we've heard from folks that the
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it opened up at 3:00. these times just get earlier and earlier on thanksgiving, back to you. >> they've got a strategy. diamonds? i might camp out for that. melissa thank you. from clothes to electronics so many deals. we're streamlining it for you on our website we've created a guide to black friday deals. all the ads, the best doorbusters and the store hours. family time and a lot of danger on the road. sadly an off-duty mcso deputy and his wife are in the hospital after being hit by a van. the deputy is in serious condition. his wife has life threatening injuries. impairment does not appear to be a factor. in jail tonight for setting a fire. it wasn't a burger we wanted flame broiled.
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he tried to set a patrol car on fire. >> this could have been a really bad scene. so two dps troopers at the end of their shift stop for a bite to eat at the whataburger. this guy opens up the gas cap, sticks a newspaper inside the tank and lights it on fire. fortunately before it blew up it took the whole car with it. the trooper saw osvaldo oregel by the car and saw the damage and put it together. they arrested him. he's charged with felony ar sovereign. unfortunately -- arson. fortunately no one was hurt. the big question, why was he out to get the cops? mesa police tell me, no, he was high. he had gotten in a fight with his girlfriend nearby and wanted to do some damage. and that's when he saw the car. back to you. >> thank you. take a look at this viewer video.
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going -- scary scene as the driver was going the wrong way. he nearly slammed into a dps trooper. no one was hurt. the i-17 ramp having trouble today when a fuel spill closed it down. a truck hit debris on the northbound side spilling about 20 gallons of diesel fuel and ten gallons of unleaded. it took crews a couple of hours to clean up the mess. and beautiful across the valley. 77 officially what we topped out at at the airport. 72 the average. and the record for today 8 # degrees. a beautiful -- 88 degrees. a beautiful afternoon. looking towards desert ridge. if you're doing shopping later on once the sun sets these temperatures will be mid-60s by 8:00. clear skies at 11:00. lows tonight around 51 here in phoenix which means many spots
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cool one. headed into the upper # 0s as we -- 70s as we get into the friday forecast. sunny skies. tempe 77. some very big changes coming up to our weekend forecast. a lot to talk about minutes away. new information on a crash from yesterday on the 17 in north phoenix. the man killed keith floyd mosier. a truck pulling a trailer blew a tire and hurt. the man accused of putting a gilbert neighborhood on lockdown. it was breaking news yesterday. a mugshot of tracy mcvoy. you can see video you'll only see here. our team is there as chandler police into custody that. day believe he's a suspect -- they believe he's a suspect in two robberies. no doubt you used electricity to cook your thanksgiving feast. that was a bit of a problem in peoria.
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earlier. lasting for more than an hour. it impacted an estimated 1500. thankfully the power is now back on. a safety alert as you get ready to post pictures. crooks are stealing your photos. they take pictures from your accounts and use them to set up other profiles on facebook, twitter or instagram and in some cases dating websites. if you don't want pictures if you can't quit cold turkey use the strictest privacy sets and put watermarks on your images. if you're worried about heading out to shop there's extra protection. joe arpaio kicking off his posse patrol. the program in its 23rd year began in response to carjackings. one year ago today it went
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now this thanksgiving the buffalo chip saloon celebrating in a big way. making sure everyone can celebrate this thanksgiving. for many this day is about helping others. it's a holiday tradition. the fountain hills parade. in its 35th year. sam doorman is a silver medallist for synchronized diving. this is this is my park. i'm like the mayor here.
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chances are half of you are in a tur du coma and the other -- turkey coma and the other half are shopping. >> sonu wasu is at a best buy in phoenix. last time we checked in with
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those tvs for $199? >> that's right. no turkey coma here. more like a turkey trot. a lot of people in best buy right now. the doors just opened about five minutes ago. there are some pretty good deals out here at best buy. i can see why a lot ofnese people wanted to rush out here. the hottest item seems to be a 49 inch tv originally retailing at $500. on sale today for i'm seeing people trying to carry the tvs out in their arms. some trying to take two at a time. some people sacrificing time with the family for retail therapy. some say they're doing it for the family. some items will be given to family members. to them it's worth it. what we've been seeing outside was an organized kind of chaos. the lines not quite as long as i've seen them. because everybody can come out
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way whoever gets here first is guaranteed to basically get an item. also a lot of people are choosing to shop online. we'll have much more on this retail madness coming up for you tonight at 6:00. back to you. >> madness indeed. thank you. thanksgiving dinner being served to hundreds at the phoenix convention center courtesy of the salvation army. >> listen to these numbers. cooking and preparing 1500 pounds of turkey. 1200 pounds of stuffing. 1200 pounds of potatoes and 80 gallons of gravy. each plate made with the same tlc. >> i appreciated about the chef is he was telling us how it's supposed to be put into the tin. and he said make it look nice. >> the hope is by going that extra mile it will help the guests feel like they're at a home away from home. volunteers also busy at work at
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depaul. mcdonalds also giving back today serving free breakfast to more than 4,000 in south phoenix for the 23rd annual community thanksgiving celebration. two decades ago it started with just four families inside an mcdonalds dining room. now they serve 130,000 community members each year. the owner says it's about bringing families to showing kids unity and hope for their future. while many of you were sleeping in or prepping thanksgiving meals hundreds of others were pounding the pavement for the annual lifetime turkey day 5 and 10k in downtown phoenix. it's the most popular running day of the year. who would have thought? full of fun as people young and old participated. it is a story that captivated the country. a text message mix up that
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treat. >> abc 15 the first news station to bring you the story of jamal hinton and how a grandmother's invite turned into more. he and his family are having dinner with wanda. she inadvertently texted him. they realized the mix up but they're having dinner together anyway. this thanksgiving we've got an incredible story. a road to recovery buffalo chip saloon after an arson nearly destroyed the business. check this out. a time lapse of the macy's thanksgiving day parade as it went through columbus circle in new york city. millions lining the streets of manhattan for the 90th parade. it was filled with more than two dozen floats, 16 character
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rising from the ashes. the buffalo chip saloon was burnt down last thanksgiving in a suspicious fire. but now it's rebuilt. customers are there spending today celebrating. abc 15's chris grove is in carefree. how is the saloon doing these days? >> last year the owner took cave creek road to work and found his restaurant ablaze on thanksgiving day. fast forward to thanksgiving this year and instead he finds his place better than ever. >> new chairs, new signs, new -- >> everything, every chair melted, every bottle melted, everybody was gone. >> a year ago thfts the buffalo
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>> when someone burns your place down you get the feeling you're not wanted. . >> owner larry wented could have just gone away. >> we've been coming every year. >> employees are family. so instead of giving up larry rebuilt the saloon and now he says business is booming. >> for the first couple weeks it was all we could do to keep up with it. i think a lot of people just wanted to stop back in and see what it looked like, how it was. >> larry admits the thoughts of the last thanksgiving's fire creeps up fr from time to time. there's been no arrest but he has this to say. >> i would like everyone to know that you can't burn down an historic business in the heart of a western town that's been there since 1951 and get away with it. >> reporting in cave creek abc 15. >> nice to see them back open.
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weeks since the presidential election. calls out for a recount. hillary clinton lead over donald trump in the popular vote is nearing two million votes. green party candidate jill stein will file for a recount in michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin. they've raised nearly $4 million for it. security experts alerted the clinton scam pain to -- campaign the president says after a sometimes divisive campaign season it's never been more important to spend today with family and friends. >> thanksgiving reminds us that no matter our differences we're still one people. part of something bigger than ourselves. >> he thanked those in the military who he says defend our freedom in every corner of the world. president-elect donald trump is in florida at his resort for the thanksgiving celebration.
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message. >> we are very blessed to call this nation our home. and that's what america is, it is our home. it's where we raise our families, care for our loved ones, look out for our neighbors and live out our dreams. >> in the online video posted to the white house's youtube page trump goes on to say his wish is for the divided country to begin healing. a little fun in the snow in arizona. you're in luck. some ski resorts open. snow bowl has fresh pouder and the grand candown -- powder and the grand canyon express is set to open. the beginner areas and lift two will be available. beautiful on the ground there. may be adding to it as we get to the weekend forecast. that in a couple minutes. here on this thanksgiving day in the 70s. sunny skies valley wide. the sun just about down. our temperatures will start to fall.
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maybe get a run or walk in. work off that turkey dinner. 75 in mesa and goodyear. and 73 in glendale. here's the plan over the next several hours we'll see the low 60s by 9:00. hit those upper 40s to low 50s by tomorrow morning. then back into the 70s. a beautiful friday. you'll need jackets not tomorrow afternoon. phoenix at 79 to top out. you get the green light for anything outdoors. a few light breezes in that afternoon forecast with a few gusts between the ten and 15 miles per hour. satellite radar across the state showing just a little cloud cover through winslow and window rock. a few breezes north as well. watch what happens as we go through the next couple of days. a low disturbance passes through. keep those breezes across northern arizona tonight.
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on is a strong storm system coming down the west coast. this takes us into friday afternoon. this well to the west. rain chances approaching california by saturday. out ahead of it more clouds across the valley and the state. not looking for travel problems coming up on saturday. it will be sunday that we see the chance for some snow for elevations above 4500 feet and our rain chances back in the valley forecast coming up on sunday. that'll take us sunday afternoon and ev early monday morning. i'll leave those rain chances right around 30%. not a washout but could be a little bit more widespread. we're watching this. several days away. rain chances, again, some snowfall for the highest elevated areas and then talking about cooler temperatures in the seven-day forecast. but first, it's chilly in flagstaff. 30s right now. 54 in payson. 76 in phoenix. tonight teens at the grand
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14 in window rock. 21 tomorrow morning in winslow. heavy jackets there and back in the 50s tomorrow a. cool friday. 75 casa grande. tucson at 77. dual in the -- due well in the -- duel in the desert tomorrow. mid-60s by half-time. upper 50s as we wrap up the game. here's the plan tonight. 40s and 50s valley wide. tomorrow 70s. your seven-day forecast. breezes with the storm system. 60s starting sundays through next week. >> skating weather i'll tell you. strap on the skates and burn off the thanksgiving calories maybe. all three locations are open in gilbert, arcadia, and peoria. if you want to learn how to ice skate head to gilbert tomorrow afternoon for free lessons from 4:30 to 5:30. the arizona international
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more than 500 cars, suvs, and trucks on display. you can take one for a spin. more than 100 available for test drive. the show runs through sunday at the phoenix convention center. sunday is family day by the way. spiderman and captain america will make appearances. oh there's that jingle. time to take action this holiday season. we're collecting money, toys, kids clothes, and nonperishable food items for four amazing charities. doe natsing is -- donating is easy stop by sanderson ford or lincoln or our studios. you can also donate at you're entered to win a 2017 ford f550. today about giving thanks. students in new hampshire trying to do that after a
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a random act of kindness has people definitely giving thanks. >> it happened in a new hampshire grocery store as people were getting last minute supplies. some students rushed inside for an annual tradition, their thanksgiving basket project. they helped feed families during the holiday. this time there was a glitch at the register. >> as my students were going through the line at market basket they went to pay. and my card got declined because we had hit our daily limit. >> that's when a woman came over and asked what they were up to.
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entire order. the students now working to give the woman a proper thank you. it is thanksgiving. so let's talk turkey for a moment. especially this particular turkey. his name is thomas gobbles and he's quite the celebrity in casper wyoming. often seen around the college blocking traffic and chasing students. he has his own facebook page with more than 1500 followers that hang on to his every move. there's a new top seller. a modern spin traditional nativity display called the hipster set with wisemen on segways as well as a latte drinking mary and joseph taking a selfie. orders are through the roof for the set's maker. the company says within a week they are selling 500 sets a day. >> a day? >> incredible. all new at 6:00. a valley mom that used the system to her advantage.
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this thanksgiving. and don't forget to join us for a very special thanksgiving after grandma send out the wrong text. credit cards can get you into trouble nlgs you know how to -- unless you know how to use them. joe will let now know how to get extra cash. and coming up at 6:00 we'll be talking about changes coming up to our forecast. a lot happening this weekend. but first it's going to be a quiet one tonight. chilly. 40s and 50s valley wide. upper 70s tomorrow. the warmest of the next seven days.
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tonight, we're tracking several holiday storms. the trouble in the west. and the hazard in the east. icy rain and snow fueling what could turn into a travel disaster. breaking news. found alive. the supermom who vanished while jogging three weeks ago, discover s now with her husband. tonight, new questions about how she disappeared. rudy versus romney. the battle within the trump transition team. who to name as secretary of state. the revealing tweet from a top trump adviser. ambush. the lone police officer making a traffic stop when a fugitive jumps out of the trunk. this comes after a week of attacks on police officers. and the best deal. on the eve of black friday,


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